Welcome to the HEYMAN family tree. My name is and I have been researching my family tree for over 20 years.


My family originates from all over Eastern Europe. All branches were observant Jews. My mother's mother's family originated from many towns near Krakow, Poland, except for a Rabbinical branch, which came from towns near Lodz. My mother's father's family came from Vinnitsa, Ukraine, and somewhere in Latvia (still to be determined). My father's father's family came from Polangen, Latvia, and towns around Ludza, Latvia. My father's mother's family also came from towns around Ludza, Latvia, and nearby Belarus.


To get to the family tree pages, you may wish to start at the welcome page. From there, you can browse the tree and search for individuals. Alternatively, you can mouse over any of the menu titles on either the side or top of the page to get a list of main lines I'm researching. Clicking on the surname will take you to the page of the progenitor of that line.



Use of this and the attached family tree pages are for genealogical purposes only. Any commercial use is strictly prohibited. To protect privacy, names of living people and their siblings have been deleted from this database.


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